American NFL betting and betting odds

Mobile Football Betting

Mobile Football Betting

Football betting is becoming as famous as other sports betting activities and you can enjoy your favorite sport while you bet simultaneously and win. Betting in football is relatively easy provided you know the basics and fundamentals of the game, and have a clear understanding of the types of bets that go into betting, so until you are familiar with the terminology used for different wagers, it is not advisable to involve yourself in American football bets.

In a game of football placing wagers are only approved after 55 minutes of play, and in case the game does not last so long then a bet placed on the game will be called a ‘parlay’ bet and will be accordingly reduced. The football wagers are of different types:

Straight Wager – This bet is made when you opt for a team and the point spread. The cost of the bet is 10/11 or $110 to win $100.

Football Totals (Over/Under) – This bet is made on the combined scores or the total of the game, which means over or under the posted line. If you bet for under 38, then the total score of both teams combined must fall under 38 points.

Money Line Wager – In this type of bet you specify which team is likely to win by ignoring the point spread.

Parlay Wager – This betting is on a selection of teams not in any particular order but the teams must necessarily win by the point spread margin. The more the number of teams effectively would mean the greater the payoff!

A classic example of Parlay Net Winnings for a $250 stake:

2 Teams

3 Teams

4 Teams

5 Teams

6 Teams

7 Teams

8 Teams

9 Teams

10 Teams










Teaser Wager – In this type of betting 2 to 7 teams are chosen together in one bet with a manipulated point spread. In a teaser you can include points to the sides or mix sides and totals, aggregating or subtracting etc., if even one of the selections stands to lose then the whole teaser is lost.

A classic example of Tease Net Winnings for a $250 stake:


2 Teams

3 Teams

4 Teams

5 Teams

6 Teams

6 pts






6.5 pts






7 pts






Halftime – Is a bet placed on the odds positioned for the second half of the game exclusively. All sports bets online must go the complete second half for action. All halftime bets are calculated in the same way as straight bets unless they are indicated differently. In this type of betting there are no teaser plays or purchasing of points on halftimes. First half lines are also made available.

Reverse Wagers – Are bets that consist of 8 teams in a reverse. The payoffs differ based on the number of teams betting. A 2 team reverse pays off 4/1, a 3 team reverse pays off 12/1. Standard reverse wagers are double action, so even in the event of a tie, the wager is still alive.

The National Front League Betting is becoming popular year after year. This game allows smart bettors to make a lot of money by practicing proper money management strategies. Once a bettor understands the NFL Odds (which is also called as spreads or lines) he can have a better understanding of how the sports book place their numbers with the public always in mind.

The National Front League betting is of different types:

NFL – Score ‘First in the game’ would mean the first team to get a point and if the team scores and yet the game stands cancelled or postponed for any valid reason, then all bets stand irrespective of how many minutes were played.

NFL – Score ‘Last in the game’ effectively means a full game which lasted beyond 55 minutes and the team that stood to score in the last will be deemed winners.

NFL – Score ‘First 7 ½ minutes’ would mean that if the game stands cancelled or postponed after 7 ½ minutes of playing time all wagers placed still stand.

NFL – Total 1st Half Points versus Total on 2nd Half Points must relatively be an official game lasting for 55 minutes of play time and includes overtime as well

NFL – First Scoring Play if a team scores points and the game stands cancelled for some valid reason all bets stand irrespective of how many minutes have been played

Betting in general is all about odds and the definition of ‘odds’ is the payout that customers can earn on a successful wager being placed. There are basically three formats of odds the first one being a ‘Fractional Odds’ where they are projected as a fraction and specify the net payout earned in comparison to the amount wagered. If a wager wins the initial bet is returned with the payout. The next one is the ‘Decimal Odds’ and project the payout in a decimal form, this is quite common in Europe, Canada and Australia and finally the money line betting odds are used in the United States and project the payout on a successful $100 wager, while the return on the bet is not included in this amount.

With regard to wagering, in first half wagering a bettor may place a wager on a straight bet on which team will win the first half of the session, similar to placing a side bet on the entire game, however in this case the event terminates when the first half comes to an end. Similarly a bettor can also place a stake on the total points earned in the first half of play, similar to wagering on a full game, and in this case the event terminates when the first half ends. When placing a first half bet, only the first half of the action really matters, in deciding the result of the bet.

In Halftime wagering, a player can place a straight side bet on which team would win the second half and the fate of the player winning or losing is solely dependent on the scoring done after halftime play, since the first half scenario is irrelevant to that wager. A bettor can also place a wager on total points scored in the second half of a game, similar to betting on the total of a full game, the outcome here is determined by taking into consideration those points scored during second half of play.

Quarter Wagering is all about first, second, third and fourth quarter betting on select football games. In this type of wagering only points scored in the selected quarter totals up to the result of the wager. Points scored in any overtime period do not qualify to be counted.

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